A time of comfortable adventure, of wife-husband getaways.


soon to become ‘Western’

When you were little, somebody told you ought to sit tight and wait for your turn to talk. Now that you have grown into a different, larger version of yourself, you are asked to constantly be ‘in the zone’, your job requires that you focus and be consistently accurate, your private life bores you numb, your car works poorly and you sometimes feel like life is—as they say—slipping through your fingers.


The time you forgot your suit and tie home, but still gave out that classy vibe, when you didn’t feel like wearing uselessly high heels, and still couldn’t help but pulling off that sexy look.

Barrel is the untold story of your wild holidays in Kho Tao, your Winter retreat with “your girls”, your snorkeling trip to Sharm El-Sheikh, your journey off-road, your uncharted path, your barefoot wedding.